Stamford Tree Services works with you on any of your tree service projects. Using a variety of tools and machinery, we work endlessly to help you plant, trim, cut, or remove any trees or stumps. Our around the clock emergency tree removal service is dedicated to keeping you safe and your property damage free. We recognize the difficulty and time that is needed in taking care of tree services. Depend on our team to service you with providing care of all the heavy lifting. Our dedication is ensuring safety while providing care to any of your tree service needs.

About Us

At Stamford Tree Services, our remarkable and highly educated crew and customer service is dedicated to serving your tree needs. With a vast variety of knowledge and tools, we can plant, trim, cut, and remove trees and unwanted stumps with ease. We pride ourselves in our time management skills and our detailed plans. Our customer service staff is reliable when emergency calls come in and our dispatch crew is ready for any type of emergency tree removal needed. Count on us to take care of you without having to do it yourself.


Stamford Tree Services is the best tree services around Stamford CT. With our highly trained and educated staff, any project isn’t too large to handle. With our knowledge and needed tools, our tree removal services can be done carefully and on time. Need an emergency tree or branch removal? Our priority is your safety which is why we strive to get there efficiently, assess the situation, and make certain to remove any tree or branch that is putting you at harm. Our specialty services include, tree trimming, tree cutting, tree planting, and removal of trees and stumps.

Tree Service Stamford - EMERGENCY TREE SERVICE

Falling trees are unpredictable and can be damaging to your home, car or property. Which is why we are certain that our emergency tree service is the place to call when dealing with a tree emergency. Whether you have a broken branch hanging down or a tree that fell on your house, we are here to help you. With our impeccable customer service staff and our crew, we will put you at ease when it comes to any emergency. After all, we understand that time is not certain and falling trees put your family at risk of harm. Depend on us to take care of you!

Tree Service Stamford - TREE REMOVAL

Have unwanted trees in your yard or are you building new construction and need lot clearing? Our heavy machinery tools are available to excavate any unwanted trees you may have. Dealing with damaged trees can be risky and you must have the right equipment when taking a tree down. We promise to give you a detailed plan of how we will excavate the tree and will update you throughout the process. Our crew understands that safety is important which is why all our plans are thought out precisely. We promise to ensure your safety and minimal damage to your property.

“Stamford Tree Services was delightful to work with. They were able to cut down my tree easily without damaging the rest of my property. I will be returning to this company.” Sandra N

Tree Cutting services must be used when any obstruction occurs. Stamford Tree Services. Looks out for hazardous trees and with certain techniques and tools, we are available to help you. We know it can be time consuming to cut down trees and shrubbery yourself. So, let us do it for you. Felling trees require careful planning and safety equipment while having knowledge of where the tree should fall. Call us and don’t damage more of your property because you want to do it yourself. In the long run, using us is cost effective and you will put your mind to ease.

Tree Service Stamford - TREE CUTTING

Prevention is important which is why using our Tree Trimming service should be at the top of your list. People with busy lifestyles and no time to do yard work, we can come in and trim your trees/shrubbery easily. Pruning branches is important to keep your tree healthy and to ensure growth. But, we also trim trees to provide an aesthetic reason. Making your trees a little smaller gives you more room for adding other trees and giving a beautiful finish to your yard. However, certain branches may need necessary trimming if they are damaged. Some branches may fall at any moment causing harm and damage. So, taking care of it right away is effective.

Tree Service Stamford - TREE TRIMMING

“Incredible service! A little while back, a tree fell on my house. Stamford Tree Services were there quickly to come up with a detailed plan of how to get rid of it. The whole area was completely cleaned of tree debris when I came back to my house. They really helped my family.” Jon O

Tree Service Stamford - TREE PLANTING

Trees are essential to our everyday life by helping us breathe and reduce air pollution. They are homes to many wildlife creatures, and we must continue to plant more trees. Using a variety of any tree desired and the correct tools and soil, we can give you exactly what you are in search of. Planting trees can be a great way of privacy instead of using other materials to build a fence and they save energy costs. Depending on the season, trees can help shield cold winter days and hide the hot sun which will help with turning off your air conditioner and heating units. Besides, trees are incredible, and they are gorgeous to look at in any residential or commercial property.

Tree Service Stamford - STUMP REMOVAL

Looking to remove any unwanted stumps? Our team is ready with our heavy machinery and tools to take out any stumps. Keeping unwanted stumps puts other trees in jeopardy and is bad for regrowth. Stumps can be harmful when kids or adults are running around and not watching where they are going. Even when mowing your lawn, they can damage your tractor if not seen right away. Using certain methods of removal, our team is here to help you and will talk to you about what is beneficial. Remove unwanted stumps and replace them with new stunning living trees.

“I only let Stamford Tree Services trim my trees. They are efficient and always on schedule! Not having to worry about trimming my trees has allowed me to get other work done around the house. It’s been incredible” Katherine T

At Stamford Tree Services, we take care of you. Our friendly and educated team is awaiting your call to cater to any of our services provided. Contact us and get our full attention when it comes to any emergency. We will put your mind at ease and ensure you and your family’s safety. Our number is listed right on our website. So, save that into your phone for any situation that arises. We strive to make your life easier, so let us take care of your tree services.