Emergency Tree Service

Tree Service Stamford - EMERGENCY TREE SERVICE

Emergencies can happen, storms or hazardous events take place causing trees to damage your home or property. At Stamford Tree Services we are on call and ready to dispatch our crew to take care in any emergency situations. Our qualified and organized team are here to help in situations where time is essential. We create a designated plan to ensure safety and the best option when removing and clearing up the damage done. Emergencies include fallen tree or branches blocking your property. Excavating a tree or branches that have fallen on your house. Also, any threatening emergencies which will cause damage to your house or property that needs to be taken care of. With our certified arborists we asses any emergency around the clock, 24/7.

Considered Emergency Tree Services

Think you have a tree emergency? Emergency tree services can vary when it comes to your safety and your property/home. The type of emergency tree services is as followed: Fallen tree or branches blocking your property. Any tree or branches that is threatening or already fallen on your home. If your home is under construction and needs an immediate tree removal asap. Even tree’s that look like or already on top of power lines. When considering these tree emergencies, you always should contact right away before the emergency gets worse.

Storm Damage

Nature is incredible with its impeccable capabilities and the storms that can be created. Unfortunately, we can’t stop storms from happening and depending on your climate anything can happen in the blink of an eye. Yes, it may be terrifying and with a lot of forestry surrounding your property, trees and branches falling is unpredictable. Your safety is important and with storm damage emergency tree services, everything can be removed and cleared quickly and efficiently. By using heavy machinery and a detailed plan of excavation any tree can be cleared without causing more damage to your home.

Removing Cracked/Dead Branches or Trees

Emergencies can happen but if you take precautions there can be less damage to your home or property. Any dead or cracked branches should be cleared at once to ensure no more damage. This service can be done with ease using professionals who have the correct tools and knowledge on how to cut and break down the tree or branches that are in the way. Don’t wait when it comes to this service. You may regret not doing it later when the damage becomes harmful. So, taking care of it earlier on is necessary.

Using Caution

Nobody ever wishes for an emergency to occur, but they do happen and when it comes to storms you must be cautious when trees have fallen. Living in a two-story house and having a tree fall right on it can be unpredictable. You never know where it will hit or where you should be if it does. Noticing how your tree hangs or if you hear a crack in a tree make sure to hide in a secure spot. If you have a basement, this may be the best option depending on the storm and how dangerous it can be. However, if you see a tree that knocked down power lines, make sure to stay in the house. Always assume the electricity from the power lines are still alive and walking on the ground may cause an electric shock if you’re too close. If you are in a car when a tree hits the power lines causing it to fall, don’t get out of the car until help arrives. Be aware of surroundings and always use caution.