Stump Removal

Tree Service Stamford - STUMP REMOVAL

Stump removal is multiple steps involving uprooting its entirety. Stump removal can be beneficial if your stump takes up space, rotting, or is hazardous. Having the correct tools and gear, you can use different methods to remove the trunk successfully without it tearing up your yard. Let licensed professionals assist you in your residential, commercial, or industrial stump removal service. Knowing when to exactly remove a stump is necessary since it could threaten the other trees and will be more challenging to remove when waiting for too long. Instead remove the tree stump and replace a new tree to give growth to your yard.

Why Remove Tree Stumps

Thinking about removing your tree stump? It may be a good idea to get rid of your stump right away. Not only is it an eyesore that sticks out of your yard, but it is also hazardous. Whether you are mowing your lawn or just having your kids run around the yard, this is a tripping hazard and could cause damage to your lawn mower. The most important part is that since the dead tree still has roots it can cause death to surrounding trees and won’t cause regrowth.

Stump Grinding

An option to removing a tree stump, there is also stump grinding. Using heavy machinery such as a stump grinder or stump cutter this equipment chips away at the wood until it is flat to the ground. However, stump grinding doesn’t take out the roots and is left to decay. This can affect surrounding trees by not giving nutrients and could cause other trees to wither and die. This may seem like stump removal is a better option, but it’s a faster option and is easier when having multiple stumps.

Methods of Removal

A wide variety of methods could be done when removing tree stumps. However, you must assess the stump first to decide which method would be beneficial. Pine trees are usually easy to be removed while deciduous tree stumps are harder to remove. When removing tree stumps you are also taking out their roots and some roots run long and deep. So, understanding where the roots end is important. Stump removal can be taken out by hand as long as the tree stump is older, smaller and maybe diseased. This method requires a chainsaw, an ax, or even chains and a four-wheel drive truck. If the trunk seems to not budge than you may need to wrap a chain around the stump and floor it with your truck to uproot all the stump. Other methods include tree stump killer and chemicals which can be removed once the stump becomes weak and spongy. Even burning a tree stump is possible and then using a shovel to dig up the rest of the stump. With many different methods of removal besides these ones, using professionals are always necessary as they know exactly which method is right for you.

After Stump Removal

Once stump removal is finished you have the ability to use your space. Without worry your kids can run around without tripping or falling on the tree stump. You can now mow the lawn and not have to go around it or even accidently run into it and ruin your lawn mower. Stump removal is also necessary for more growth and can use the space to replant beautiful trees that will live longer.