Tree Cutting

Tree Service Stamford - TREE CUTTING

Tree cutting and tree trimming services are used when a tree needs to be taken down due to obstruction or in cases where it may cause damage to keep it. Cutting down trees can be hazardous if not done correctly. Which is why there are certain techniques used when felling. Felling being another word to describe the process of cutting down trees. This requires careful and detailed planning to cut the tree down and understanding exactly where it should fall. Whether you are cutting down a large tree or even cutting a small tree into parts the use of safety equipment should always be used.


It is crucial to plan and asses the property and tree before cutting. The key elements to follow are sizing up the tree and figuring out if the tree may be dead on the inside by knocking on it. If it sounds hollow it may be already dead or if it sounds solid than that will be harder to cut through. You should also asses the direction it leans or if there is a clear path that can be used as the felling zone. If branches, buildings, fences, or power lines are in the way, you may have to use another technique for cutting down the tree.

Notch Technique

When using the notch technique, you must assess and decide what side should be used to make it fall in the direction wanted. If the tree has more branches on one side and if nothing is in the path of where it will fall, then using that side may be beneficial. When doing the proper notch, you should make the depth one-fifth of the tree trunks diameter. The notch cut should resemble a triangle-based shape which will cut a chunk of the tree out. Then on the other side of the tree, use a felling cut which should be parallel to the apex of the notch. The moment the tree begins leaning, take the saw out and walk away on your escape route that should be planned from the beginning.

Cutting Trees After They Have Fallen

After storms where trees have fallen, tree cutting services will section off the tree and cut accordingly which will be easier to clear out. Heavy machinery will be needed when pulling the tree off any home or car. However, if the tree fell and landed directly on the ground then that will make it easier to cut. Usually a tree chipper is used when a tree needs to be removed. But trees are essential and can be repurposed as fire wood or can be created into anything you desire.

Why Use Professionals

Cutting down trees can seem to be done with ease. But if not done correctly, you may damage more and can be costly. In many places, professionals are required in case of any emergencies that arise. When cutting down trees it can be easy to make a mistake and can cause the tree to fall in the wrong direction taking anything down in its path. Using professionals who have knowledge on felling and logging trees are necessary to ensure your and others safety who may be affected if a situation arises.