Tree Planting

Tree Service Stamford - TREE PLANTING

Tree planting and tree pruning are essential to life. They are the creation of air we breathe while being able to filter air pollution. They are the homes of many wildlife animals giving them shelter and protection. Which is why tree planting must continue if we want to live a natural and healthy life. With using special soil, tools and knowledge of arboriculture, transplanting trees can be successful and live a long life. Whether using tree planting services for commercial, residential, or planting in national forests, professional arborists are necessary. Tree planting can be for aesthetic reasons as well. Instead of putting up a fence to give you privacy just place trees instead. This way you will get privacy while helping the earth.

Benefits of Planting Trees

The benefits of planting trees are essential to everyday life. Trees create oxygen which helps us breathe. But they also reduce air pollution and helps the amount of water runoff when a storm hits. Not only are they helpful for us humans, they are useful for many wildlife. Using the tree as protection and shelter it gives any wildlife animals a place of comfort. Over the years we have cut down more trees than have planted them. In order to help save trees, we all need to use paper wisely and plant more trees when we can.

Aesthetic Tree Planting

Since trees are so important to our environment its useful when wanting trees for aesthetic reasons. Whether you have a certain theme or style wanted in your yard for your home or commercial property, using trees is ideal. Instead of using fencing a great modification would be using trees/shrubbery to use as privacy. Adding in beautiful colorful trees soften surrounding homes, buildings, and dreadful views. The benefits of using trees can even increase value to your property.

Saving Energy Costs

When planting trees you are essentially saving energy costs. Trees help in the hot summer days by blocking wind speeds and lowering the air temperature. When placed correctly the tree provide shade and produces a cooling effect. Homes who have a lot of sun spots usually place trees on sunny sides of their home, noticing room temperatures dropping. Which means saving money on air conditioners. Also, on days where it’s cold, trees can help reduce cold winds that push through making a reduction on your heating units.

Tree Varieties

The wide variety of trees is impeccable and when choosing the right one, there are factors when deciding. Of course, you want to add your style and theme. Which is why, any type of tree can be planted. With the correct tools and soil, any tree will be planted and positioned correctly without having it be an obstruction for its surroundings. If you have a commercial property, you may want to go with something smaller with color to make your building less harsh and calming. There are even drought tolerant trees that require less water than usual. Which is perfect for people who live in drought areas where water is unpredictable.