Tree Removal

Tree Service Stamford - TREE REMOVAL

Tree removal services are essential when it comes to emergencies. However, tree removal can be for multiple reasons. When needing more room to build or if a tree is obstructing your property, tree removal can be done. Using heavy machinery and materials, tree removal must be planned precisely to ensure everyone’s safety. Depending on the size of the tree and its state of health each tree is different when it comes to removal. If not done correctly you risk your own and your properties safety if not done correctly. Which is why using professionals is essential.

Damaged Trees

Damaged trees or trees that are knocked down from storms can be risky when it comes to removal. Trying not to cause additional damage is important when excavating damaged trees. Special tools and machinery are used to cut and trim down the tree in a way where removing can be safe. Knowing exactly how to cut down the tree and where to cut is all a part of removal. Rotting trees should be removed as soon as possible to ensure damage from occurring. Waiting may cause damage to your home, car, property, or your family. Damaged trees from rotting or when a storm hits are unpredictable when it comes to falling.

Large Tree Removal

Needing to remove a large tree can be time consuming and will need a detailed plan before chopping it down. Using ropes and climbing equipment, professionals will need to climb and rope off the tree in sections before cutting. Having knowledge of where you want the tree to fall is also important. Professionals understand different plans designed for each kind of tree and where the tree will fall when cutting it down. Usually you will need to assess the area to see if the tree can be cut down in one swoop or if the tree needs to be cut in pieces.

Why Need Tree Removal Services

When it comes to removing trees from a commercial or residential property, tree removal is beneficial. When dealing with dead or rotting trees you should think about getting them removed before any damage is done. Prevention is important because waiting can cause more damage which can be costly. However, in cases of emergency tree removal services can cut down the tree and collect any debris left behind.  Another reason it is beneficial is the improvement of your property. Some trees take up space and can be in the way of new construction. Tree removal services are efficient and beneficial in any situation.

Tree Removal Equipment

Using the right tree removal equipment is necessary when using removal services. The most important part is wearing the right equipment to ensure safety for yourself and others. Wearing reflective vests, hard hats, specialty gloves, and steel toe boots are a must when cutting down and removing trees. Depending on the type of tree, the health and size, different equipment is used for each. On large trees, bucket trucks or lifts are used to reach the top of the tree to rope off sections going all the way down to the ground. If there is room for the whole tree to fall over then they would cut from the bottom of the tree. But, if other obstructions in the way, then a process of cutting in sections is then used with chainsaws. Usually, when removing trees, a tree chipper is then used to cut the remaining parts of the tree into smaller bits which then can be used for mulch.